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Join us in democratizing e-book retailing by including your e-books and audiobooks in our catalog.

  • George Washington would be proud.

    The simplicity of this program belies the impact it will have on democratizing the e-book industry—an industry currently controlled by too few e-tailers.

  • It’s a turnkey program, what could be easier?

    We supply organizations and individuals, including retail chains, a variety of brick and mortar stores, independent bookstores, nonprofits of all ilk and size, print and online media, book publishers, professional associations, conferences, book clubs, speakers, bloggers, authors and others, with a turnkey program that allows them to offer their clients and customers a huge catalog of the most popular e-books and audio books. Sales can happen both at brick-and-mortar stores and online.

    Sellers may join our merchant network via the Hummingbird Digital Media website and be making sales from their own branded and customizable storefront within minutes

    The program includes a feature-robust app for reading and listening, along with an intuitive web-based storefront for the discovery, purchasing, and downloading of digital media. Both the app and the storefront carry the brand identity of the merchant. Hummingbird Digital Media remains in the background, out of sight.

    The catalog offers hundreds of thousands of titles from the world’s largest and smallest publishers; best-sellers to backlist.

  • Simple as falling off Paul Revere’s horse.

    The merchant’s customers register on their first visit to the merchant’s storefront and then click on a link to download the app from one of the app stores. Purchases made at the storefront automatically appear in the customer’s app when launched.

    The app is operating-system agnostic, meaning it works on iPhone, iPad, Nook and other Android devices, and even Kindle Fire.

    The merchant’s profit varies from publisher to publisher but ranges in the neighborhood of 12 percent to 23 percent of the retail price of the e-book or audio book. Consumer analytics, data on sales, and deposits into the merchant’s bank account are handled automatically.

  • How can you, as a publisher, be involved?

    We would love to have you join us in democratizing e-book retailing by including your e-books and audio books in our catalog. We are ONIX-ready and also accept files and metadata via Excel.  DRM, analytics, data on sales, and automatic deposits are provided.

    You’ll be joining hundreds of the world’s finest publishers including HarperCollins, Macmillan, Sourcebooks, and Workman just to name a few. Start now by clicking here.

  • Reach your readers with direct to consumer sales

    You might also consider becoming an Hummingbird Digital Media merchant to expand your B2C outreach. Promote your titles via your own storefront. Click here to learn more.

  • Still got questions?

    Check our our FAQs here, or feel free to email us at