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Join us in democratizing e-book retailing by including your
e-books and audiobooks in our catalog.

Sell the e-books and audiobooks you publish from your own branded storefront.

Missing out on direct to consumer digital sales? With Hummingbird, you can be up and running in minutes and start selling your e-books and audiobooks directly to your readers via your own branded storefront and branded app—for free. Why send your customers to another company’s website?

The superior, free turnkey e-book and audiobook retailing platform

You’ll get your own branded and customizable storefront for your customers to use for the discovery, purchasing, and downloading of digital media.

You’ll be able to customize your storefront with your logo, banners, title collections, and more. (Not to worry, it’s arguably easier and quicker than setting up a Facebook page.)

You also get a robust, branded app for both reading and listening. What you place on your storefront appears in your app. There is no charge for the storefront or the app. It’s free! (A big “Cool Beans” on this.)

The platform is branded for you throughout—from the landing page to the secure credit card collection to the thank-you email automatically sent out when a purchase has been made. Hummingbird remains in the background. Your customers never leave your universe.

The technology

Your customers are reading on a lot of devices these days, so your app will work beautifully on nearly all mobile devices— iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Kindle Fire, Nook, and other Android devices.

The downloading of a title is seamless and nearly instantaneous.

Sales reports are sent monthly and real-time sales reports are easily available.

Your customers will enjoy robust search and sort options when browsing or trying to find a particular title—both on your storefront and in your app.

Your marketing

Each title in your storefront has its own unique URL. This is great for linking directly to a title from newsletters, websites, and in social media. Supply them to your authors for their own sales outreach.

You capture your customers’ email addresses, allowing you to market to those same customers when you have similar or new titles.

Much of the marketing to make your digital book program successful can be passive. We’ll show you how.

Redemption codes, a tool to not pass up

We can supply you with redemption codes for bulk sales, school sales, galleys, promotions, rewards, author or speaker use, contests, or whatever
else you can think of.

A code can be for a single download or multiple downloads. Start dates and expiration dates can be applied. Discounts from zero to 100 percent can also be applied.

Codes are a great tool to increase website traffic and to help capture new email addresses.

We can supply a free custom landing page for your bulk sales. (See a sample bulk sales page here.)

The catalog

Your titles may already be in our catalog depending on your distribution program, but if they aren’t click here to get started. By the way, there’s no charge here either. (Another “Cool Beans.”)

All e-books are DRM’d.

The revenue

Promote your own titles but take orders for nearly every other title your customer will buy anyway. Yep, that’s right. We’ve teamed up with more than 3,400 of the world’s leading publishers so not only can you offer your own titles, but others’ bestsellers, niche topics, and everything in between. (“But wait,” you say, “why would I want to sell other publishers’ titles?” Believe us, you do. Be sure to ask us why when we talk.)

Your sales will happen 24/7/365—in your hometown or across the nation. Even while you sleep.

Earn in the neighborhood of 73 percent on your own titles and 12 to 23 percent on the digital list price of every other book sold from your storefront. Every penny will be deposited to your bank account automatically. No checks, no envelopes, no hassle.

Like never before, the Hummingbird platform allows publishers to successfully compete with Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble in the digital book arena.

Still got questions?

Check our our FAQs here, or feel free to email us at at or call us at (559) 490-0206.