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Frequent Questions | Merchants

How do I set up an account?

Setting up an account is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Register as a merchant and start selling e-books and audiobooks immediately. Eventually you’ll have to fill out a W-9 (a Federal tax form) and give us your bank information so we can deposit your share of the sales. But that’s easy enough and we’ll let you know how to do these things within a few days of your becoming a merchant.

How much will I make?

Depending on the publisher, you’ll earn in the neighborhood of 12-23% on the retail price of every book sold from your store. The more you promote your storefront, the more you’ll earn. Every penny will be deposited to your bank account automatically. No checks, no envelopes, no hassle.

Can I customize my storefront?

Yes, the storefront is yours. Customize it to fit your retailing philosophy. Are you a mystery bookstore? Pick mysteries. A church or synagogue? Pick appropriate titles. Add banners and collections. You can have your very own Top 10 list! (A collection is a carousel of cover images on your storefront. When customers click on an image, it takes them to your catalog page for that title and they may then place an order. Of course that is only one way your customers can find the books they want.)

Tell me about the icon for my app.

My Mus tReads Icon 300 dpi- 3 x 3 inch


Merchants in the Hummingbird Digital Media merchant network share the same generic icon. The icon is titled “MyMustReads.” When a consumer who has signed into a HDM merchant’s storefront with his or her e-mail address downloads the app and signs into it using the same e-mail address, the app magically mirrors the merchant’s storefront—name, logo, banners, etc. This can happen the other way, with the consumer signing into the app first and the storefront second.

How do I load a new advertising banner onto my storefront?

You can upload a banner you create—it’s just a jpeg—in the “Manage” section of your Dashboard. You can also choose from a list of banners that our expert team curates regularly. Choose a “managed banner” and it will automatically update without any input from you. For example a banner named “This Week’s New Hot Mystery” would update weekly. Banners are usually linked to your “Buy Now” page for a title, but they can be linked anywhere on the Internet.

How do I create a new collection?

You can create a new collection in the “Manage” section of your Dashboard. It’s simple: Give a name to your collection, for example: “Our bestseller list.” Then select the titles you wish to feature from our catalog. The cover images you select will automatically be linked to the title’s catalog page so your customer can make a purchase. View your changes in your Dashboard. When you’re ready save your changes by clicking “Publish.” They will automatically show up on your store front and in your app.

What if I don’t want to offer some titles I find offensive?

The Hummingbird catalog allows you to offer hundreds of thousands of titles across all genres. You can exclude categories of  titles (for example, erotica) from your storefront offerings in the “Manage Catalog” section of your Dashboard.

Can I sell audiobooks on my app?

You bet! Audiobooks are one of the fastest-growing segments in the book industry. We’d hate to have you miss out. Your app supports audiobooks, e-pubs, enhanced and interactive e-pubs and fixed-width PDFs.

Do I have to worry about collecting and remitting sales tax on my sales?

Nope. We do all of that for you.

One of my customers wants a title not in the catalog. How can I get it on my storefront?

We are working hard to ensure our catalog carries any title your customers may be looking for. If you don’t find a title you’re looking for, e-mail us at to let us know and we’ll work to make sure that title is available as soon as possible.

Do you have promotional material I can use?

We will soon have a host of promotional material including shelf-talkers, posters, and e-mail templates for you to use to promote your e-book program. We’ll be adding more sales support as we go along. If you have ideas of what kind of material would work best for you, please let us know at

What if I run into a problem?

We’ve tried to build an easy-to-use product that is simple and intuitive. We also have extensive FAQs sections for you and your customers that should answer almost any question you may have. But, we know questions arise and we are committed to ensuring your success. If you get stuck, please e-mail us at and we’ll get back to you shortly. Or give us a call at 559-908-1560, but don’t forget we’re on the West Coast and need our beauty sleep.

 I would like to sell e-book gift certificates. How can I do that?

We currently don’t have the facility for you to offer gift certificates but that egg is about ready to hatch. We’ll update you the minute it goes live.

I have a business customer who wants to hand out copies of an e-book to 200 of his favorite clients. How do I handle bulk sales?

Contact us at and we’ll supply you with codes that are easily redeemable in your app. This is great because you’ll end up with 200 new customers using your app.

I lead seminars and want to offer one of the books I wrote in the price of the seminar. How do I do that?

Please see the answer to the question immediately above this one.

How do I update my account details?

If you need to update your account details including your bank information, please e-mail us at Account detail changes usually take 24-48 hours.

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

E-mail us here with the message that you need to reset your password. Instructions will be sent to your registered e-mail address with details on how to reset your password.