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Hummingbird for

Raise funds with e-book and audiobook sales from your own branded store 24/7/365.

Here’s a turnkey fundraising program your supporters will love. Today, nearly 30 percent of books purchased are e-books. Why not ask your supporters to buy them from you? With Hummingbird, you can have a branded storefront up and running in minutes and start making money on e-books—and audiobooks right away.

Setup is a Snap

  1. Create an account with Hummingbird. Sign up here!
  2. Customize your storefront with your own logo, colors, banners, and title collections.
  3. Promote your new storefront to your supporters. You’ll earn a hefty percentage of the retail price of every book you sell. And your patrons? They’ll instantly receive their books in your cutting-edge reading and listening app.

Amazing Features

Your store, your brand
We believe in putting your brand front and center. Choose your own colors, upload a logo, create custom banners (or use one of ours), and make the app and storefront yours!
100,000s of books
Yep, that’s right. We’ve teamed up with the world’s leading publishers so you can offer the current bestsellers, niche topics, and everything in between. Your sales can happen 24/7/365—in your home town or across the nation.
It's like found money
Depending on the publisher, you’ll earn in the neighborhood of 12-23% on the retail price of every book sold from your storefront. Every penny will be deposited to your bank account automatically. No checks, no envelopes, no hassle.
Fully customizable content
If you want control over what kinds of books your storefront shows, you’ve got it! Exclude entire categories, promote bestsellers, and handpick titles. Best of all, anything you change on your storefront automatically updates in your branded app.
No IT knowledge required
That’s right! You can click, drag, and drop to customize your entire storefront without touching a line of code. Leave that part to us (but get the coffee machine started).
Collect emails and analytics
Each of your customers will use an e-mail address to access their library of digital books. We'll supply you with those e-mail addresses plus insights into their buying behavior.
A reading app that works for everyone
iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook and other Android devices—your customers are reading on a lot of devices, so we created a bookshelf app that works on all mobile platforms.
As simple as you want it to be
Want complete control over what shows in your store? All yours. Don’t have time for that? That’s okay, too! We’ve created smart categories that automatically update with all the latest titles.